About Us
Max Marine S.A.E.,  an Egyptian Corporation, began its activity in the Marine Supply field, Shipping Agencies & Oil Services in 1973. We have a vast varity of services that we offer in Egypt, you basically would not find anywhere else. Due to the Chairman's efforts, Capt. Samy Abdel Aziz, Max Marine has become a group covering the activities of Max Marine, Max Gulf &Max Free Zone .

Max Marine is an Egyptian company employs qualified staff  with expertise, experience and excellent connections with the concerned parties to offer the best services to our clients; our efforts are mainly aimed at providing reliable services in the most economical way. We understand our Principals’ needs and we do our best to meet and exceed them. Making solid movements based upon scientific concepts and a marketing perspective aiming at the first place to offer the company's customers the ultimate trust and satisfaction through providing them with the best marketing service and making feel that they have gained a remarkable added value, through dealing with the company, by owing the proper residential units for special prices and feasibilities  matching their income level

Our History
Since Max Marine S.A.E was established in 1973, by Haj. Ibrahim Abdel Aziz. Haj. Abdel Aziz had a tunnel vision for the future of Max Marine, making it the biggest, most successful Marine Supply in egypt.

Future Plans
In view of increased competition and developments in information technology, it has become the main concern of ship owners, managers, and operators to reduce operational costs without compromising their service standards. That’s where our role begins as agents, not only by charging reasonable fees but also by speeding up operations and minimizing claims as much as possible. We have a certain obligation towards our principals to keep them fully aware of all costs during operations at Egyptian ports or its Suez Canal transit. Everything is defined in advance as per port’s tariff of basic services covering most activities.